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I’m a UX leader, interactive artist, experience strategist & community-driven consultant.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve collaborated with a diverse group of multidisciplinary teams including Rhymes with Reason, Dimes, and Atlanta Pride Committee to create insight led, human-centered products. I approach design and leadership with a focus on people and the spaces that we occupy together. Converting intention to impact for both the people who make and the people who use the products is how I help bring products to life. My practice combines design thinking, user research and experience strategy, all with a creative rooting in multimedia arts. You can engage with my most recent work at rnsc.world.

Are you here to explore my photographic work? Bet! You can find that on my art/work page.


Creative Consulting

InnoSo International LLC.

InnoSo International focuses on helping our clients cultivate brand identity, share multimedia stories, and educate users about design thinking. Specific services InnoSo International offers include Brand & Marketing Strategy, UX Research & Design, Digital & Print Publication.

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.RNSC (est. 2016) creates multimedia projects in collaboration with artists worldwide to engage conversations between art, science, and social healing.

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