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Art + Design

2D Capsule + EP

Based in Atlanta, GA, but connected to communities across the globe, a.DOT is the dreamy musical outlet for multimedia artist Austin Peete. His debut EP 2.D: Discrete & Determined is a vivid exploration of textures that unravels past memories, and yet looks to the future with unshakeable vision. 2.D is a genre-breaking, international affair, produced and recorded between Atlanta and Tokyo in collaboration with Tokyo Dope City Studios, based in Koenji, Tokyo.

Discovery of self and culture is the motivation at the center of Austin Peete’s art, which explains why he refuses to be boxed in. a.DOT is the musical manifestation of Peete’s .RNSC (pronounced “renaissance”) project – which is a home for Peete’s wide-ranging interests from photography, to sound production, to clothing design. Peete’s urge to cross the borders of media and culture can be heard in the music.


✅ Release a solo debut music project through distribution platforms (e.g. Distrokid, Tunecore).

✅ Design an apparel capsule collection to merchandise and promote the project through physical modes.

✅ Curate and strategize a social media ad campaign to gain a listening audience.

✅ Build an audience of at least 100 monthly listeners on Spotify within 1 month.

✅ Host a live listening party for a small group.


  1. Trust
  2. Baldwin - Single
  3. Cosmic Connection
  4. La Luna - Single
  5. Nature Matters
  6. Same

Producing & Recording


Community Collaboration

The Team

Austin Peete – Artist & Creative Director

Courtney Taylor – Co-Creative Director

Ocean Evers-Peete – Social Media Strategist

Cassie Reyes – Social Media Planner

Daniel Shepherd – Sound Engineer

ghostpops (Kyle Morar) – Producer

Brandon Burke – DJ

Kiku Shinfuku– Publishing Consultant

Rodell Jefferson – Copywriter

Yacine Niang – Marketing Consultant (The Aux)

Kyle Tildon – Marketing Consultant (The Aux)

Kidest Assefa-McNeil – Marketing Consultant (The Aux)


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