Atlanta Pride Committee

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UX Research + Design

Atlanta Pride Scavenger Hunt App

Our team honed in on the problem space of designing a scavenger hunt experience that can virtually engage members of the LGBTQ+ community during Atlanta Pride.

Problem Space

Design a scavenger hunt experience that can virtually engage members of the LGBTQ+ community during Atlanta Pride 2020.



Our team distributed a Qualtrics survey to online communities across Reddit, Facebook, and other social channels. The information we gathered helped us assess peoples' experience and knowledge surrounding Atlanta Pride and 2020's virtual engagement. Before we sent out the survey, we exercised a series of collaborative brainstorming sessions. These sessions enabled us to question our rationale and ensure that we were approaching research methods for relevant information that would best serve our users’ needs.

We analyzed our data using Qualtrics capabilities and Miro.


After conducting semi-structured interviews, our team utilized affinity mapping as a method to deepen our understanding of what users might need/want out of a new or modified interface.

Empathy Maps & Personas

Using our acquired user needs and design implications, we developed both  an empathy map, and a persona to tell a story from the data.



  1. Sketches
  2. Wireframes
  3. Prototypes

With the data gathered from our research, our team developed two original ideas addressing the problem space of the Atlanta Pride Virtual Scavenger Hunt.

After sketching our initial design ideas, we conducted feedback sessions with 2 users.

From here, we went on to use the same methodology across feedback sessions for the resulting Wireframe design iterations.

Once we analyzed our findings, we were work together to design our final prototype solution.



Early stages of our design process.

Our target users were LGBTQ+ community interested in participating in Atlanta Pride. Based on our research, they prefer having an option to participate in Pride both virtual and in-person activities. Also, users indicated that they wanted the ability to connect with other members of the community through the app. To accommodate these needs, we came up with a new design for the Atlanta Scavenger Hunt platform. It remained important that our visual language conveys feelings of fun and playfulness to align with themes of the annual Pride parade celebration.

We have created a high-fidelity prototype for iPhone 11 users. You can view our full prototypes here.

Visually, the design draws from the idea of being on a “path” for the scavenger hunt, suggesting to users that they are on a quest. Rainbow colors, such as red, yellow, green, blue and purple, make up the interface’s color palette in order to tie in with the Pride theme. Functionally, the system offers both virtual and hybrid versions of the scavenger hunt for Atlanta Pride activities. It also has team or solo play options to accommodate folks who prefer playing it solo, or may not publicly identify with the LGBTQ+ community. We added different types of mediums such as videos, links, photos, and music to the quest activities to provide dynamic gameplay for scavenger hunt participants, as well. To promote community engagement within the system, there are also features for community members to connect and communicate through the app. 


Sue Reon Kim

Austin Peete

Savannah Phillips

Ruvinee SenadheeraAs a team of four designers, we hybridized our team efforts to approach our problem space with collaborative design solutions. Each step of our design process involved the input, iteration and thought of all team members, and we met frequently over Slack, Zoom and in-person to process and assess designs, color, palettes, evaluation plans, design requirements, and final decisions.

We used Figma to construct our final design. Each team member had a valuable role to play, and fluidly ebbed between responsibilities in order to fill in any presented gaps