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UX Research + Design

InnoSo International

InnoSo International is an internationally integrated brand experience agency providing a combination of service options across UX Design, Artistic Direction, and Marketing Strategy.

As a global agency, InnoSo International focuses on building experiences for the sake of communal education, storytelling, and engagement. Through InnoSo, my team and I help our clients cultivate holistic identity, share multimedia stories, and educate users through interactive design methods. Specific services InnoSo International offers include UX Research & Design, Digital & Print Publication, and Brand & Marketing Strategy. Here are some of our most recent projects:

Previous Works

Atlanta Pride Committee



National Center for Trans Equality

Pickrick AR (2022)

Rhymes with Reason

Service Offerings

UX Research + Design

Brand Strategy + Visual Identity

Marketing Campaigns (Print & Digital)

Art + Creative Direction

Voice, Tone, and Copywriting

Web Design

Front & Back-End Web Development

Graphic Design



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