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n.eon VR

n.eon is a Virtual Reality experience exploring various relationships between structure, light, space, and sound within Mozilla Hubs. Taking inspiration from artists such as James Turrell, Rogier van der Zwaag, and Lisa Schulte, we curated this virtual space into 3 distinct thematic experiences: the Electric Garden, Red Room, and Aurora.

n.eon VR Experience

Initial Inspiration



Light & Shadow

Color & Sound


James Turrell -

Rogier van der Zwaag -

Lisa Schulte -

The Process

Each of these rooms represents a diverse range of spatial-audio relationships through the integration of simplistic components such as stylized walkways, subtle motion cycles, designed environmental motifs, and specially curated sound loops. Each piece shifts the characterization of negative space as a key influence upon the user’s experience. Much like the works of the aforementioned artists, these rooms offer users a unique space for immersion and interpretation by building tangible and intangible relationships alike, between every unique object, space, color, motion, and sound.