Hello!  I’m Austin Peete.

I’m a UX leader, design thinker, product designer, experience strategist, interactive artist & community-driven imagineer.


UX Research/Design, Prototyping, Art


Tinkering Until I build something
Fun + amazing
UX Leader
I lead with cool and compassion. I manage remote teams of designers and strategists, providing individual performance management while building collaborative design practices that bridges communication between teams.
Product Designer
Creating through the unknown motivates me. I’m a UX designer by practice, naturally curious. I have experience leading every stage of the strategic design process, from research and ideation through to iteration and optimization.
Design Thinker
Sharing big ideas hypes me up. I enjoy bringing together cross-disciplinary teams to collaboratively solve problems, and have enjoy planning and facilitating workshops. 
Community-Driven Imagineer
Imagination brings life to communities worldwide. I don’t design for users, I design for people who carry emotions, expressions, and intentions. Empathy is my superpower, and I cultivate it in both my design and leadership practices.


Artist, Consultant, Designer

BRown University

A.B. Visual Arts
Class of 2018

InnoSo International LLC.

Creative Consulting Studio

Georgia Institute of Technology

Class of 2022

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Revolver Studio is a professional Webflow template with multiple sections that you can fully customize

What do you do?

I love making things!

Design Skills: UX Research + Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Rapid Prototyping, Project Management, Surveying + Interviewing, Community Engagement

Management Skills: Project Coordination, Facilitating Meetings, Branding Strategy, Creative Direction, Comparative Analysis, Innovation Analysis

Software Skills: Adobe CC, Figma, Ableton Live, Milanote, Asana, HTML/CSS, Processing, P5.JS, Blender, Unity, C#

Where are you from?

Oklahoma, Kansas, and Georgia are my homes in different ways.

What are you listening to these days?

Sade, Steve Lacey + Natalie Cole

Any recommendations?

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