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I Create

I design

I explore

creative technologist
UX Designer

Multimedia ARt

Mixed Reality





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Welcome to a place where I share ideas and projects related to many things UX, Art, and Exploration!

Welcome to my digital Studio

User Experience + Art Practice


Tinkering Until I build something
Fun + amazing
UX: Research + Design
Understanding people’s realities and how they perceive them. Then, curating tools that help them interact with environments and potentially communicate in new ways.
Art: Visual + Audio
Understanding my perspective of reality and speaking to it so authentically that I create space for other people to be in conversation – informing practice to dynamically engage respective realities.

Are they really so different, though?

Wanna talk?

Who is Austin?

Student, Founder, Designer, Artist...

BRown University

A.B. Visual Arts
Class of 2018

InnoSo International LLC.

UX Consulting & Marketing Agency

Georgia Institute of Technology

Class of 2022

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Photography of The
Real and surrealist Type

Photography is another language for me because that’s a way in which I can directly show people the world I’ve been in. My practice helps me communicate so much of what remains unsaid, or rather unsayable – the overarching feel of a place, a culture, of how people move.


Revolver Studio is a professional Webflow template with multiple sections that you can fully customize

What do you do?

I love making things!

Skills included: UX Research + Design, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Rapid Prototyping, Project Management, Public Speaking, Web Design, Programming, Songwriting, Sound Design, Photography, Creative Writing, Doodles, Dancing, Video Editing, and More...

Where are you from?

Oklahoma, Kansas, and Georgia are my homes in different ways.

Where are you located?

Atlanta, GA is my current homebase.

What are you listening to these days?

The Smart Brothers, Jasmine Infiniti, Ross from Friends, Amindi, Tito Puente & Celia Cruz...

Got any more recommendations?

exploring immersive storytelling to build ecosystems of expression