Austin Peete

creative technologist

ux designer

interactive artist

Welcome to a place where I share projects and ideas related to many things UX, fine art, and curiosity


UX Research/Design, Prototyping, Art



Tinkering Until I build something
Fun + amazing
UX: Research + Design
Understanding peoples' perspective on moments and how they experience them. That helps me build tools that potentially help them interact with each other and their environments in many ways.
Art: Audio + Visual
Forming my perspective of reality and sharing built artifacts with the intention of opening space to be in conversation – listening to inform my practice all over again :)


Artist, Consultant, Designer

BRown University

A.B. Visual Arts
Class of 2018

InnoSo International LLC.
Creative Consulting Studio

Georgia Institute of Technology

Class of 2022

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Revolver Studio is a professional Webflow template with multiple sections that you can fully customize

What do you do?

I love making things!

Design Skills: UX Research + Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Rapid Prototyping, Project Management, Surveying + Interviewing, Community Engagement

Management Skills: Project Coordination, Facilitating Meetings, Branding Strategy, Creative Direction, Comparative Analysis, Innovation Analysis

Where are you from?

Oklahoma, Kansas, and Georgia are my homes in different ways.

What are you listening to these days?

Sade, Steve Lacy + Natalie Cole

Any recommendations?

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