Georgia Institute of Technology

Protesting Pickrick AR

UX Research + Design

The goal of the Protesting Pickrick AR app is to educate the GT community about the campus relation to Atlanta’s Civil Rights history, specifically those events that occurred on the site of The Pickrick Cafeteria.


In July 1964, Lester Maddox, owner of The Pickrick Cafeteria, shutdown the restaurant, rather than serve African Americans, along with supporting integrationists, under the desegregating provisions of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. After a series of protests and court rulings against the Pickrick Cafeteria, Georgia Tech purchased the restaurant in September 1965 with the intention of converting it into the Ajax Student Placement Center. The restaurant structure, built in 1947, was demolished in 2008. Remnants of the site are now memorialized as part of Georgia Tech’s EcoCommons, a performance landscape joining technology, ecology, and social experiences into a built space.

Prototype Overview

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